House Washing Auckland

When it comes to washing your house or building in Auckland, water blasting with Flawless is the way to go. Environmental and man-made forces work against the life of your property and damage its surface daily. Chemical washing effectively reduces the potential for long-term damage by simply removing unsightly build-up and keeping your property looking its best, year round.

Flawless House Washing Auckland continues to save  clients thousands of dollars in long-term maintenance costs, and in particular, can be a great way to avoid having to paint your home or building at a far greater cost than chemical washing. So for all house washing Auckland wide or water blasting Auckland, be sure to make Flawless your first stop. Here are some of the services we offer for chemical washing:

 Water Blasting Auckland

We apply a formulation of bio-degradable chemicals, solutions & detergents (to kill mould, fungus, & their spores along with dissolving road dust as well as general dirt & grime). This is applied with low pressure through a wide span nozzle & is designed to loosen or soften any foreign material on the surface to be cleaned. Once this solution has been given time to dwell, it is then washed off to show the original surface. We clean from the gutter to the ground, including flushing the windows.

Pre-Paint Clean

Preparation is the key to a good finish. As above but with a more concentrated chemical wash (if required) & a high pressure clean to loosen any dirt or flaky paint work. A pre paint clean does not eliminate the need for scraping & sanding but does provide a clean fungus free surface to work with.

Roof Treatments

Moss, Lichen and Algae are unsightly and damaging to all roof types. They will degrade the surface, cause leaks and dampness and can affect the appearance and value of your home.

MossKill is a powerful, environmentally friendly treatment to kill Moss, Lichen and Algae on contact. The natural cleansing action of the weather then removes these over time, usually in 6-12 months.

For a faster result we can pressure wash the roof about 1 month after MossKill treatment.
No one needs to be home when we perform these treatments.

Roof Cleaning:

This service can be carried out on certain types of roofs in preparation for painting. Each roof needs to be considered on a case by case basis and we are more than happy to come and inspect and offer our professional recommendations.

Gutter Cleaning:

A stand alone gutter cleaning service starts at $90, or it can be done in conjunction with some of our other services. Please ask if you require this service.

Deck Cleaning:

Decks can become slippery & dangerous if left without regular cleaning. To avoid accidents or injury we recommend cleaning at least once a year.

Concrete, Bricks, Pavers etc:

All these can begin to discolour over time with algae, slime & grime. They may even become dangerous to walk on with a build up of algae etc. Regular cleaning & treatment of these will improve their appearance and condition.


As well as retaining walls will benefit from regular cleaning.

befor and after.jpgdeck-cleaning.jpgflawless-house-washing-4b.jpgflawless-house-washing-5.jpgroof-2-after.jpgroof treatment before.jpgwater-blasting-auckland-2.jpgweather-board-2-after.jpg