• Flawless <span>where you can get a perfect clean at an affordable price</span>

    Flawless where you can get a perfect clean at an affordable price

    Drain Unblocking & CCTV Drain Cameras

    House Washing & Waterblasting

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    Flawless House Washing  specialises in chemical house washing, waterblasting and external drain unblocking. Established in St Lukes, we provide these services to the Greater Auckland area. Our staff have had over 15 years experience in dealing with both residential and commercial properties

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  • CCTV<span>For Council Consent/Water Care</span>

    CCTVFor Council Consent/Water Care

    We have the latest tractor drain camera so we can provide CCTV Inspections and pipe location for Council works and Water Care. If you are building, renovating or doing any work on your property the Council may require you to present a report and CCTV footage of the drains. Our experienced team is fully conversant with council consent issues and knows how to meet council standards.

  • About Us <span>who we are and what we do</span>

    About Us who we are and what we do

    Find more about us and our house washing and drain unblocking services.

    About Us

Welcome to Flawless House Washing

where you can get a perfect clean at an affordable price

Welcome to Flawless House Washing, where you can get a perfect clean at an affordable price. 

Four great reasons to choose Flawless:


Flawless House Washing provides a professional and top quality service aimed at cost conscious clients. We are able to offer competitive rates as we are not a franchise and our business is run from home which means that our over heads are significantly reduced.


Our Services

  • Water blasting

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  • Drain unblocking services

    Flawless House Washing  works with the latest technology and equipment to clear sewer and/or storm water blockages.

    The use of such technology minimizes, the unnecessary expense of digging to find and remove blockages


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  • CCTV services

    A drain camera takes the guess work out of sewer and/or storm water repairs. Upon clearing a stubborn line with a high pressure water jet cleaner, a drain camera can be used to locate the source of the problem.

    This ensures we are given exact information to determine a cost effective solution.


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